Kizzin'GRAZy Festival 2018 (Official Event)

Kizzin'GRAZy Festival 2018 (Official Event)

Our 2nd Kizzin' Grazy Festival was a huge success, and we are proud that so many Kizomberas and Kizomberos of whole Europe came to our beautiful city! A big Thank you to all participants!

Well therefore the third edition is coming in 2018!!

************* 3 Parties **************
********* Afternoon Socials **********
****** more than 20 Workshops ******
************ 3 WS rooms ************

The following instructors have confirmed already:
*) Ronie Saleh (Sweden)
*) Mistura Movement ...

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45 Teilnehmer (None eingeladen)


Kizzin' GRAZy Festival
Körösistraße 81