Blasphemer Fest Clagenfurth

Blasphemer Fest Clagenfurth

This is the first edition of Klagenfurt-based underground festival Blasphemer Fest Clagenfurth.
In total four bands will unleash hell at the 23rd of September, 2017.

Slovenian Cvinger were founded by bassist and vocalist Lucerus, guitarist Bagot and drummer Krieg Maschine in the winter of 2012.
Already in January 2013 the blacksters entered Truga Studio to manifest their first release, the demo ‘Abyss Of Horns’ and a few months later an EP ‘Monastery Of The Fallen’ followed, to ...

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73 Teilnehmer (None eingeladen)


Jugendkulturzentrum Kwadrat
Messeplatz 1/Halle 10